betta fish spiritual meaning & symbolism

betta fish symbolism and spiritual meanings

Do you want beautiful and colorful Betta fish, like the pretty question mark butterfly, as pets in your home or office? Every creature in our world, from rattlesnakes to horseflies, has special meanings.

Do you know what Betta fish symbolism and their spiritual meanings in different cultures? Also, what does each color of the fish represent, what does it mean in dreams, and even the symbolism in tattoos? This post is here to help you learn more about these things for your spiritual and symbolic knowledge journey.

Spiritual Meaning of the Betta Fish

Betta fish are first recognized for their aggressive, smart, and intelligent nature compared to other fishes, also known as Siamese fighting fish. They exhibit a responsive nature, jumping to the tune of whistles and music like dolphins, showcasing their intelligence. Betta fish symbolise hope, luck, and strength. They are seen as totemic spiritual leaders for individuals who, like the Betta fish, go against the current, embodying resilience, seeking new beginnings, and preferring to march to the beat of their drum.

The flowing fins of Betta fish convey the message that it’s never too late, just suggesting going with the flow of life, even when the going gets tough, playing the hand you’re dealt. When Siamese fighting fish pair up and create bubble nests to woo a mate, it is seen as a symbol of partnership and support. The male Betta fish’s actions are connected to the honorable trait of fatherhood, reminding us to pay attention and read between the lines, noticing small signs and messages from the universe. The spiritual messages indicate taking a leaf out of this fish’s book, facing challenges with bravery, and doing things in their unique way.

Betta fish make good pets and home decorations; they also symbolise good luck. The spiritual meanings of this fish’s bright colors encourage individuals to let their light shine, be as bright as a button, and express their creativity in their unique way. During courtship, these Betta Fish change coloration, revealing their true colors, and each hue carries different spiritual meanings. Overall, the Betta spirit encourages us to trust our gut, listen to our instincts, and show wisdom in navigating life’s problems, separating the wheat from the chaff.

Meaning and Symbolism of Betta Fish in Various Cultures

what do betta fish symbolize
what do betta fish symbolize

Betta Fish Celtic Symbolism

Betta fish in Celtic culture are significant symbols representing transformation, such as starting a new career or ending a relationship, and sometimes that transformation may be a bitter pill to swallow. This fish is famous for its shimmering colors, symbolising natural beauty and perfection. It is linked to the concept of รille, like a feather in one’s cap, and reminiscent of Celtic art and knotwork.

In Celtic mythology, water means life, fluidity, and the subconscious. Like a fish out of water, these aquatic beings hold important spiritual meanings. They are considered intricately connected to the spirit world in Celtic beliefs.

Betta Fish Eastern Symbolism

In Eastern symbolism, many people consider the betta fish as a totem animal that brings good luck. In Chinese culture, the Yin and Yang concept, known for portraying the delicate equilibrium of opposing forces, gives the betta fish spiritual significance by symbolising harmony and the balance of nature, painting these fish as living yin-yang symbols swimming through life.

In some Japanese cultures, Siamese fighting fish are seen as the samurai of the aquarium, embodying the warrior spirit. Like having a little sword-wielding ally, they reflect bravery, courage, and the knack for overcoming adversity. Additionally, they believe that this fish has the power to ward off evil spirits, protecting their homes from harm.

The betta fish is part of the water element. In Feng Shui, water is considered to bring wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Therefore, putting a betta fish aquarium in the southeast or northeast corner of a home or business is like planting a seed of success in Feng Shui. It’s considered auspicious as if you’re setting the stage for good fortune to bloom and prosper.

Betta Fish Native American Symbolism

In Native American culture, the Betta fish is seen as a totem animal that imparts a spiritual message: when life throws you a curveball, face challenges with the courage of a lion and the determination to make hay while the sun shines. People believe it brings good luck and fortune and helps them overcome obstacles. Like the Betta fish navigating choppy waters from one stream to another during times of change, it also reminds individuals that they must continue moving forward, rolling with the punches.

Betta Fish Christianity Symbolism

The Bible’s concept of being “born again” reflects Christianity’s symbolism of a new beginning. It is associated with the Ichthys, or “Jesus fish,” a symbol of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. The Siamese fighting fish’s love for water and ability to live in it seamlessly dovetail with the Christian baptism idea, symbolising purification and spiritual renewal. When a Betta fish comes out of the water, its spiritual meaning is comparable to starting a new chapter after being baptised, putting aside past shortcomings for a renewed life in Christ.

For Christians, having a Betta fish as a pet is a reminder that, like this fish living in dirty water, Jesus is a rock in a hard place, always there for you. You shouldn’t lose hope in tough situations. It is also a symbol of purity because the fish prefers to be in clean water.

Betta Fish African Symbolism

In African culture, the Betta fish is a unique catch. Many individuals see it as a fertility symbol, hinting that those who adopt the Betta as their totem might be blessed with little ones. This fish is linked to motherhood and nurturing, reminding us that caring for family is like swimming in the river of life.

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7 betta fish symbolism aspects

betta fish meaning
betta fish meaning

Resilience and Tenacity

In the school of life, the Betta, or Siamese Fighting Fish, is a masterclass in resilience and tenacity, urging you to weather the storms and thrive in challenging environments.


Like a Betta swimming against the current, each fish, with its unique colors and fin shapes, prompts individuals to march to the beat of their drum, embracing their leadership qualities and assertiveness.

Courage and Fighting Spirit

With the courage of a lion, Siamese Fighting Fish symbolise bravery and a fighting spirit, reminding you to plant your feet firmly and face life’s challenges head-on. The blue Betta is a true warrior renowned for its fearlessness.


Just as a lone Betta navigates the water freely, being a symbol of independence, it’s a reminder for you to spread your wings and understand the vital importance of self-reliance.


In the realm of positivity, the Betta fish stands guard over its surroundings, ushering in good vibes. Keeping a Betta as a pet is like having a guardian against negativity, ensuring harmony prevails.

Beauty and Grace

As beautiful as a painted sky at sunset, the Betta fish, with its radiant colors and graceful movements, encourages you to find joy in life’s simple pleasures and appreciate the world’s aesthetic aspects.


With fin displays that rival a peacock’s feathers, Betta fish express the power of self-expression. They inspire you to be a poet of your own story, expressing thoughts, emotions, and creativity freely.

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Betta Fish Color Significance

Fish Color Symbolism
Red Betta Fish Red Betta fish are like tiny flags of passion, courage, and energy, reminding us to feel our emotions and live life to the max.
Blue Betta Fish Blue Betta fish are like little Zen buddies, bringing calmness and peace with their soothing blue color, just like the calming water and sky.
White Betta Fish White Betta fish are like fresh stars, symbols of purity and innocence. Their clean white color encourages us to see things clearly and embrace change.
Black Betta Fish Black Betta fish are mysterious explorers in our fish tanks, representing mystery, depth, and change. They encourage us to welcome change and venture into uncharted territory.

betta fish dream meaning And Symbolism

betta fish symbolism and spiritual symbolism
betta fish symbolism and spiritual symbolism

Dream about a Betta Fish Swimming Freely

Suppose you dream of a Betta fish swimming freely and independently. In that case, it’s a sign that you’re navigating a positive transformation or transition in your life, much like the Betta gracefully navigating its watery realm. 

Dream about Vividly Colored Betta Fish

If you believe the Siamese fighting fish is your totem spirit animal and you feel congested or not free, then dreaming about a vividly colored Betta fish may give you a spiritual message to express yourself freely; as the saying goes, ‘let your true colors shine. 

Dream about Vividly Dying or Sick Betta Fish

A dream about a dying or sick Betta fish may symbolise a warning message for you. Don’t exhaust yourself; take your time to rest and rejuvenate. 

Dream about Betta Fish Indirectly or in Clean Water

Dreaming about a Betta fish indirectly (in dirty water) may indicate a lack of clear guidance. In contrast, if the fish is in clean water, it may symbolise that your state of mind is clear. Your life is in order, echoing the proverbial wisdom that a clear mind reflects in calm waters.

Dream about Catching or Eating Betta Fish

If you dream of catching this fish, it spiritually means your finances will become stable, or your twin flame may be in love with you. If you’re eating fish, it spiritually means you are now living happily, and God is with you. 

Dream about Catching or Eating Betta Fish

Unfinished issues may create problems in your specific relationship. So, if you dream about a blue Betta fish, it means you must work on self-realisation and hidden talents and resolve your issues. It’s time to get your hands dirty and make room for a better relationship.

Dream about a Feeding Betta Fish

If you are a pet lover, it means you are a responsible person. So, dreaming about feeding a Betta fish symbolizes your nourishment, care, and providing value for those who depend on you.

Dream about a Betta Fish Near the Water Surface

A Betta fish near the water’s surface in a dream suggests that you are ready to confront emerging thoughts or feelings, whether they are good or bad; it doesn’t matter. It’s time to face the music and embrace the full spectrum of your emotions. 

Dream About a See Yourself With Someone Looking at a Betta Fish

In a dream, if you see yourself with someone looking at a Betta fish, spiritually, it means you might get approval from your special one or desire in any context.

Dream about a Two Betta Fish in a Standoff

Dreaming about two Betta fish in a standoff symbolises that you may face off with someone and have a heated exchange. It’s like a clash of the Titans, signaling that you need to take a breather before things escalate into a full-blown storm.

Dream about a Betta Fish Creating Bubbles

When a Betta fish is creating bubbles, it means it is creating a new space. So, suppose you dream of a Betta creating bubbles. In that case, it may suggest fertility, like a ‘bun in the oven’ or the anticipation of getting a new opportunity in life.

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Betta Fish Tattoo Meaning

betta fish spiritual symbol
betta fish spiritual symbol

A Betta fish tattoo is not just an art design; it holds some deep spiritual meanings. So the question arises: What does a Betta fish tattoo mean? Well, if you have one, it could show that you’re independent, strong-willed, in control, authoritative, powerful, fertile, attractive, and lucky. Having this tattoo might suggest you’re good at handling things on your own.

Siamese fighting fish, as the name suggests, are admired for being tough, fierce, and unexpectedly powerful. Despite their small size, these fish are always there to protect their territory, symbolizing not underestimating anyone, especially those who stand up for themselves (after all, dynamite comes in small packages). Male bettas symbolize a protective nature, emphasizing the role of vigilant guardianship, keeping an eye out like a hawk during breeding as fatherhood.

On the other side, what does a Betta fish tattoo symbolize negatively? Because, you know, they are known for their aggressive nature, it might influence being aggressive, introverted, isolated, a desire for dominance, a sense of rivalry, and the itch to bite off more than one can chew. In the end, it depends on a person’s beliefs and their experiences. Some may like to get a Betta fish tattoo, while others may not want to dip their toes into that particular pool.

Betta Fish Totem Animal

The Siamese Fighting Fish, also known as Betta, is linked to the Elements of Air and Water and serves as a Totem animal. Through their lungs, they breathe in water and drive home the point about the importance of pausing and breathing in every aspect of life, reminding us that sometimes we need to take a breather to navigate the currents of existence. Essentially, Betta encourages balance in our lives, just like their color combination represents balance. It also teaches a lesson to stay humble and avoid thinking that you are the bee’s knees or the bottom of the barrel compared to others.

Betta Fish in Mythology and Folklore

  • Long ago in Thailand, Betta fish, called “Plakat,” became embedded in the national culture because people knew these fish were associated with bravery, masculinity, and a warrior spirit.
  • In ancient Thai and Malay folklore, this fish was seen as similar to gladiators, representing rivalry and competition.
  • Betta fish are known as “cรก lia” in Vietnam, where Siamese fighting fish are associated with intelligence, cunning, and adaptability.
  • In Cambodia, Betta fish are seen as sacred creatures associated with luck, wealth, and protection. They are often kept in homes and offices as symbols of bringing good fortune.
  • Laotians admire Betta fish for their vibrant colors and beautiful fins, considering these fish to bring harmony and balance to their homes and businesses.

Betta Fish Spirit Animal

Suppose you consider the Betta fish your spirit animal. In that case, it means you’re spiritually influenced and in tune with nature, going with the flow. Conflicts such as the tug-of-war between good and evil, rage and peace, hope and despair, love and grief are understood by the Betta Spirit Animal. It advises you to see both sides and urges you not to fish in troubled waters but to be a guiding light.

Betta Fish Power Animal

The Siamese fighting fish thrives in freshwater from Southeast Asia. If you sense others crossing your boundaries, don’t hold back. If the Betta fish is your totem or spirit animal, let your Betta fish power out and don’t be a shrinking violet. It helps you stand tall, like a fish out of water, especially when conflict is on the horizon. The Betta fish power doesn’t make you a fish in troubled waters; go and show your determination and strength, proving you’re not a small fish in a big pond.

Betta Fish as Thai Animal Symbol

betta fish spiritual meaning
betta fish spiritual meaning

The Betta fish, a native of Thailand found in the Chao Phraya River, rice paddies, and canals, is a symbol of prosperity and fertility in the eyes of the locals. It used to go by the name Siam and is currently the National Aquatic Animal. Thai people portray these fish in various sizes, like casting a wide net for good fortune. Some mothers also hang Betta fish paintings or images above baby beds, ensuring their little ones are safe and sound, like a fish in calm waters.


  • Do betta fish have feelings?

    Betta fish can feel and react to things that bother them. They express their feelings in different ways.

  • Is having a betta fish considered lucky?

    It is contingent upon one’s beliefs. Particularly in South Asian communities, some individuals believe that having a betta fish brings good fortune. The vibrant colors of the Betta may also make the owner feel calm.

  • Why are betta fish so aggressive?

    Betta fish are territorial, eat aggressively, and are passionate about mating, which makes them display aggressive behaviour.

  • Are Betta fish a sign of bad luck?

    The idea of betta fish bringing bad luck depends on what the owner thinks. In general, fish, especially bettas, are thought to bring their owners fortune and riches.


Betta fish are not just pets or beautiful animals; worldwide, their symbolism and spiritual meaning vary according to individual beliefs. In different cultures, interpretations of this fish symbolize various aspects, whether it be luck, balance, transformation, or protection. Betta fish essentially bring nature and spirituality into our lives, enriching the diverse tapestry of human belief and experience.

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