Spiritual meaning & symbolism of a pigeon

symbolism of a pigeon

Discover the symbolism of pigeons, representing essential qualities like adaptability, resilience, and family bonds. Keep reading to explore the meanings associated with pigeons.

Spiritual Meaning & symbolism of a pigeon

what do pigeons symbolize
what do pigeons symbolize

Adaptability and Resilience

Pigeons are recognized for their remarkable adaptability and resilience, enabling them to thrive in diverse environments and sustain themselves on various diets. Seeing pigeons in a spiritual context may symbolise extending our flexibility and resourcefulness.

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With their inner strength and determination, pigeons serve as a symbol that you may possess more resilience and fortitude than you realise, encouraging a steadfast attitude in the face of challenges.

Pigeon symbolism carries historical significance, with instances of flourishing in different countries and forming strong relationships, especially in urban settings.

Social Ability and Communication

Pigeons, being social birds with excellent communication skills, symbolise peace, unity, and optimism.

The presence of pigeons may suggest that if you are a good communicator who enjoys the company of others, you can stand firm even in the midst of disorder.

Individuals are always ready to come together for harmonious and cooperative efforts in their lives.

Bond with the Supernatural

Many people believe that pigeons establish a unique bond with the supernatural as messengers from above.

Their spiritual significance serves as a reminder that encountering pigeons might indicate a guiding presence watching over us when we feel lonely.

Resourcefulness and Intelligence

If pigeons are your spirit animals, it may signify that you possess intelligence and resourcefulness, enabling you to navigate complex tasks and situations with ingenuity.

Messages From the Deceased

In various cultures, pigeons are believed to convey messages of love from departed loved ones, establishing a deep spiritual connection.

Pigeons are revered as messengers delivering divine messages of affection, encouragement, and direction.

Cooperation and Community

Pigeons, through their tendency to travel and work together in groups, symbolise generosity and an easy-going temperament.

Alternatively, the presence of a pigeon may convey a message for us to value cooperation and community as crucial aspects of our lives.

Their historical representation in various cultures as symbols of goodwill and fortune underscores their positive associations.

Loyalty in Relationships and Parenting

Pigeons demonstrate lifelong commitment to their partners and strong care for their offspring, symbolising loyalty and devotion in relationships such as those with twin flames and as parents with children.

Pigeons also serve as reminders of loved ones who have passed away, evoking feelings of devotion and reflection.

Symbol of Safety

Contrary to a negative view, pigeons represent safety, calmness, and peace. In history, they were reliable messengers in wartime, earning them the title “birds of peace.” Pigeons, as symbols of safety, are also linked to family and home safety, peace, and calmness, providing a sense of well-being.

Family and Home

Pigeons symbolise family and home by demonstrating commitment to their partners and strong parental care. When they return to the nest, they ensure that everything is in order.

This family-focused aspect of pigeon symbolism highlights their importance as nurturing and devoted creatures.

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Spiritual Meaning of Pigeons in Various Mythologies

pigeons spiritual meaning
pigeons spiritual meaning
  • Pigeons are associated with grace, compassion, elegance, fertility, pregnancy, and femininity. The Sumerian goddess Ishtar is frequently depicted holding a pigeon.
  • Astarte, a Phoenician goddess known for her beauty, is closely associated with pigeons, symbolising maternity, fertility, love, and passion.
  • In Aesop’s Fable ‘The Dove and the Ant,’ a compassionate dove helps an ant in distress, and the ant later returns the favor when the dove faces danger.
  • Pigeons and doves have a rich history in art and literature, with representations dating back to ancient Egyptian paintings. Artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Cartier-Bresson have continued this tradition in contemporary art.
  • Global perspectives on pigeon symbolism include their association with Aphrodite in Greek mythology, their importance in Native American cultures as food and symbols of protection, and their representation of filial piety in Chinese culture.
  • Pigeons are the embodiment of Yama, the God of death in Hinduism, who is linked to metamorphosis and redemption. In Sumerian and West Semitic cultures, pigeons are linked to war, sexual relationships, and passion.
  • Pigeons were highly valued by the Egyptians, who associated them with longevity, fertility, and good fortune. In Greek and Roman mythologies, pigeons symbolise love and beauty.
  • In Christianity, pigeons are regarded as loyal messengers and bringers of good omens. German art portrays the goddess Nantosuelta with a pigeon, and Celtic superstitions vary, with pigeons at weddings considered a positive omen.
  • Pigeons had a special place in social rituals and were frequently connected to strong deities. They were also used as messengers and as sacrifice birds.
  • Pigeons have been featured in paintings and literary masterpieces throughout history, symbolising various themes and emotions, from Pablo Picasso’s “Child with a Dove” to Mo Willems’ poignant tales.

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Dreams featuring pigeons

Dreams featuring pigeons can convey diverse meanings:

Flying Pigeon

If you dream of a pigeon in flight, it might suggest that soon your kids or younger siblings will request something you cannot agree to, perhaps something you disapprove of.

If the pigeon appears to fly away from you, it symbolises a similar theme, indicating that someone close may not take your refusal well and might react negatively later.

Feeding A Pigeon:

Dreaming of feeding a pigeon serves as a warning, symbolising a bad omen. This could indicate that you’re placing trust in the wrong person who may harm or betray you in the near future. However, some people interpret this dream positively.

Shooing A Pigeon Away

If you shoot a pigeon in your dream, it means you may be too self-absorbed. It signifies that you often prioritise yourself, and those around you may not be pleased about it.

Killing A Pigeon

If you dream of killing a pigeon spiritually, it is considered unfavorable. Harming a living thing is generally seen as bad.

This dream suggests you might have an argument with a close, supportive friend soon, and in the heat of the argument, you might say something hurtful that cannot be taken back.

Pigeon Falling Down The Sky

Seeing a pigeon fall from the sky is rare, but if you dream this, it suggests you might receive bad news soon. Anything you’ve been planning for, like a job or a trip, will be postponed or canceled.

Catching A Pigeon

A dream in which you catch a pigeon suggests that you are reticent. It implies that even though you excel at something, you prefer staying in the background. It’s time to let others see and appreciate your talents.

Dead Pigeon

It is not a good dream to dream of a dead pigeon. It symbolises that you might encounter a challenging situation soon and require help from someone in your friend circle.

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Pigeon as Spirit Animal

Individuals who embrace the pigeon as their spirit animal are perceived as friendly and quick to assist others. They excel at comprehending their surroundings, spreading goodwill without concern for differences, and fostering feelings of calm and kindness.

If the pigeon is your spirit animal, you may possess a keen awareness, noticing when others are stressed or sad, enabling you to express kindness and understanding.

However, those with the pigeon as their spirit animal might strive to uplift others but could end up feeling fatigued and burdened. At times, they may even experience sadness and self-blame for not doing enough for others.

How to Invoke the Animal Spirit of the Pigeon for Assistance

To seek guidance from the pigeon spirit, focus on your emotions and envision a serene forest. Picture the spirit animal, the pigeon, and request guidance and comfort. If you frequently encounter images or thoughts of pigeons, it could signify that the pigeon is your spirit animal.

Pigeon spirits are characterised as positive, kind, and tenacious, guiding individuals through challenges and exhibiting the potential for excellent parenting. Additionally, the pigeon spirit is associated with magic and connecting with divine forces.

When to Seek the Guidance of the Pigeon Spirit

Call upon the pigeon spirit if you sense a disconnection from loved ones, harbor past emotional wounds, or are holding onto grudges. The pigeon spirit can lead you to reconnect, heal, and forgive, promoting peace of mind for yourself.

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Pigeons As Totem Animals

The pigeon totem symbolises love, sacrifice, peace, and resilience.

meaning of pigeons in spirituality
meaning of pigeons in spirituality
  1. Love: People with the pigeon totem are caring and kind, understanding life and other people’s problems.
  2. Sacrifice: Those with the pigeon totem are dedicated to their goals and the happiness of loved ones, willing to go to great lengths to achieve them.
  3. Peace: People with the pigeon totem have a strong will and can live in harmony with those who matter to them.
  4. Resilience: People with the pigeon totem are highly adaptive and thrive in a variety of settings.

The pigeon totem also brings these gifts:

Traits Table

Trait Description
Perceptiveness Easily fits in with various social groups.
Awareness Has a good understanding of what’s happening around.
Diplomacy Skilled at finding peaceful solutions to conflicts.
Honesty Naturally upholds honesty, even in tough situations.

If your birth totem is a pigeon, you’re likely a gentle and caring person who values home and family. You may enjoy spending time outdoors and meditating in nature.

When you’ve been hurt or betrayed, the pigeon totem may appear in your life, helping you restore faith in goodness and humanity and encouraging growth in wisdom and patience.

Pigeon Power Animal

If your pigeon is seen as a totem power animal, it communicates without words, using gentle whispers and signs beyond the ordinary.

Picture connecting through your mind and heart, like a soothing massage, perhaps in a dream. During those moments, the pigeon might hold answers.

So, whenever you seek love, peace, or clarity, turn to your inner pigeon: softly express your request and let its understanding soar straight to your soul.

Pigeon tattoos have spiritual meanings

what does it mean when a pigeon visits you
what does it mean when a pigeon visits you

Pigeon tattoos hold profound spiritual meanings and cultural significance. Some common interpretations include:

Peace and Hope

Pigeons, symbolising peace, often represent a yearning for tranquility. This inspiration is drawn from their role as messengers and the biblical story of Noah’s Ark.

Freedom and Flight

The ability of pigeons to soar makes them potent symbols of freedom. A tattoo of a pigeon may represent a desire to overcome mental, emotional, or physical limitations.

Love and Community

Known for strong bonds and communal living, pigeons symbolise love, loyalty, and community. A pigeon tattoo could indicate a commitment to loved ones or a feeling of belonging to a larger group.

Resilience and Adaptability

Thriving in different environments, pigeons represent resilience and resourcefulness. A tattoo of a pigeon may symbolise the capacity to rise to the occasion and prosper in trying circumstances.

Spiritual Guidance

Pigeons are seen to be supernatural messengers in several civilizations. A tattoo of pigeons may represent a belief in spiritual direction or a link to a higher power.

The Modern Symbolism of Pigeons

Aspect Description Popularity
Breeders and racers worldwide Still like pigeons. High
Negative Perception Many people now think pigeons are bad because the media calls them ‘rats with wings.’ Varies
Concerns People worry that pigeons can make others sick and create a mess with their droppings in cities. Moderate
Positive Representations Some companies and artists still use pigeons in a good way, like the Dove logo and the band ‘Doves.’ Varies
Media Examples
  • Dove toiletries brand logo
  • English indie-rock band ‘Doves’ records (2000-2020)
  • 2005 animated movie ‘Valiant’ about pigeons in World War II.

Different Symbolism Question About Pigeon

seeing a pigeon meaning
seeing a pigeon meaning

What do pigeon feathers mean?

Pigeon feathers are widely recognized as symbols of peace, love, and communication. They carry positive vibes, indicating a spiritual awakening in your life.

What does it signify to see two pigeons spiritually?

Spotting two pigeons together suggests strong relationships, reflecting closeness and happiness. It hints at a desire for balance in life.

What does it mean when a pigeon approaches you?

Some believe a pigeon coming to you conveys a message from the spiritual realm, signaling a need for peace and improved communication.

What is the spiritual meaning and symbolism of brown pigeons?

Brown pigeons are linked to staying grounded, finding stability, and embracing simplicity in your spiritual journey.

What does it indicate when you spot a pigeon?

Seeing a pigeon may suggest receiving messages from the universe or a need for peace. It also hints at the presence of love and positive energy.

What does it signify when a regular pigeon visits you?

Meaning: The frequent visits of pigeons often indicate that someone who enjoys being around you and contributing to your positive energy may suggest a slow but sure spiritual awakening.

Implication: It’s a sign that focusing on spiritual thoughts is the right path. The pigeons will assist you in achieving your life goals and understanding over time.

what do pigeons symbolize if encounter as injured?

Meaning: Finding a wounded pigeon, particularly if it is one of your own, is a unique message and can mean that someone is in need of your assistance.

Implication: It suggests you possess a healing touch. Even if you can’t save the bird, respecting its message is crucial.

What is the spiritual significance of discovering a dead pigeon?

Meaning: Finding a dead pigeon carries a healing message for us.


  1. Act now.
  2. Embrace your abilities, learn, and share your positive energy with the world.
  3. Don’t wait for tomorrow.
  4. Consider engaging in psychic exercises or learning Tarot for quick intuition development.

Are pigeons good luck

Yes, pigeons are seen as signs of good luck and happiness in many places. Having them around is believed to bring positive things.

Superstitions About Pigeons

Superstition Belief
Lonely Mourner In some Christian beliefs, a single pigeon on a chimney is thought to be a sign of something bad, like death or spirits.
Soul Carriers During funerals, some cultures release pigeons, thinking they carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife.
Lucky Messengers Surprisingly, some people believe that if a pigeon poops on you, it brings good luck—a kind of unexpected fortune.

Historical Role of Pigeons

  • Long relationship with humans (5,000-10,000 years).
  • Initially domesticated for food, they were later valued for their homing ability.
  • Selective breeding gave them diverse shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Celebrated war heroes, carrying messages from the 12th century to WWII.


  • What does pigeon cooing spiritually signify?

    Pigeon cooing signifies love and communication. If relationship troubles arise and pigeons coo, it suggests focusing on maintaining calm and positivity.

  • What is the biblical meaning of pigeons in dreams?

    In the Bible, pigeons symbolise purity and sacrifice. Dreaming of pigeons may indicate a spiritual cleanse or encountering something sacred.

  • What is the spiritual meaning and symbolism of black pigeons?

    Black pigeons symbolise mystery and change. If something perplexing is happening in your life, it suggests a need for self-reflection, spiritual growth, and overcoming challenges.

Last Words About symbolism of a pigeon

Learn about what symbolism of a pigeon, showing important qualities like being able to adapt, bounce back from difficulties, and form strong family connections. Keep reading to find out more other spiritual meanings.

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